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Top Notch Private Universities of Pakistan

Hamdard University Pakistan is one of the first rate colleges of this nation, which offers top notch instructive administrations with more than 7 resources and more than 42 degrees and confirmation offerings. The college has advanced a considerable measure since its foundation and its notoriety has gone to an amazing level.
Hakim Said, the immense researcher, educationist and scientist, established this college to give a stage to Pakistani youth to accomplish more regarding learning aptitude and research. His vision is as a rule unequivocally took after and rehearsed as the University has broadened on instructive level.
Notwithstanding the primary grounds situated in Karachi, it likewise holds branches in Islamabad and Karachi, with a sum of five grounds on ground. There are additionally related foundations known as Hamdard University Hospital, Hamdard University Dental Hospital, Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorial Hospital, Hamdard School of Law and Regional Cisco Networking Academy.